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Norbit Trailer

A meek guy is pressed into marrying a monstrous woman. When he subsequently meets the woman of his dreams, he has to figure out a way to be with her.

Norbit (Eddie Murphy) was abandoned as a baby by being tossed from a moving car in front of the Chinese Golden Wonton Restaurant and Orphanage in Boiling Springs, Tennessee. Mr. Wong (Eddie Murphy), a kind and caring person, brought the baby into his orphanage. As children, Norbit met Kate (Thandie Newton), another orphan, and they became best of friends and were always together until Kate was adopted. Norbit was now alone until Rasputia (Eddie Murphy) rescues him from three school bullies on the school playground. The huge Rasputia makes Norbit her boyfriend. When they become adults, Norbit is intimidated into marrying the gigantic Rasputia, and they don't live happily ever after. Norbit was compelled to work for Raspitia's three brothers at the Latimore Construction Company. The whole town lives in fear of the three brothers and Raspitia. A new day comes for Norbit when Kate returns from Atlanta to buy the orphanage from Mr. Wong. However, the Larimores want to buy the orphanage and turn it into a strip club, "The Nipplopolis". Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)

Release Date : 9 February 2007

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